Heart Healthy meal: Grilled trout with a lemon and chive sauce

Here at Heart-Blog.com we believe the best ways to keep your heart healthy can also be some of the easiest. So here is a simple recipe for a lovely easy to cook meal:

Grilled trout with a lemon and chive sauce, served with wholemeal rice and green beans.


A few chopped chives

1 Lemon

A few tablespoons of olive oil

2 trout portions (or chicken breasts if you don’t like trout)

Green Beans

Wholemeal Rice


  1. Make the sauce by mixing the juice from the lemon with the olive oil and the chives.
  2. Put the trout into a baking dish and pour the sauce over.
  3. Cook the trout under the grill on high for 20 minutes or until cooked.
  4. Meanwhile, cook the rice as per the instructions on the packet and cook the green beans.
  5. Ensure the trout is cooked through before eating.

This recipe is great to keep your heart healthy. The wholemeal rice is a source of fibre, which can help your digestive system. The green beans provide a source of iron and the sauce for the trout has no added salt. The trout is an oily fish so is heart healthy, but if you can’t stomach trout, this recipe works well with chicken.