Christopher Topfer BSc,

Blogger (Medicalnanotec.com & Heart-Blog.com) & PhD student

Chris graduated from Imperial College London in 2010 with a BSc ARCS in Biomedical Science. He was awarded a summer studentship in 2009 by the Biochemical Society to study the use of trehalose in cryopreservation of PSOAS muscle fibres. He conducted his undergraduate research project studying the role of the cardiac regulatory light chain in heart failure and hypertrophy under the guidance of Professor Michael Ferenczi.

Chris is currently a postgraduate research student in the Molecular Medicine section of the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London.

Chris was awarded a Wellcome Trust-NIH studentship from October 2010 in Professor Michael Ferenczi’s lab (Molecular Medicine section, NHLI, Imperial College London), for 4 years, in collaboration with Dr. Jim Sellers (Laboratory of Molecular Cardiology, NHLBI, NIH). Entitled “Investigation of the role of myosin light chain phosphorylation on the stress response of the heart using permeabilised trabeculae and single myosin molecules.”. His main focus is investigating the role that myosin light chains play in cardiac disorders.